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iRetail World

21 - 24 October 2013
Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

Co-located Together with 3 Major Events, Featuring 30+
Regional Speakers From Major Brands, in just 4 Days!



iRetail World Asia Conference 2013 will feature comprehensive end-to-end e-commerce strategies and solutions comprising of 3 co-located major conferences and workshops, featuring Asia's 30+ thought leaders and speakers.

Inquiries / registration please call (65) 6899 5030 or email us at [email protected]

For printable version of the agenda, please click here
Pre Conference Workshop - 21 October 2013, Monday
Main Conference Day One - 22 October 2013, Tuesday
Main Conference Day Two - 23 October 2013, Wednesday
Ecommerce Supply Chain Conference - 24 October 2013, Thursday
Pre Conference Workshop - 21 October 2013, Monday
08:30 Workshop A Registration and Morning Coffee
09:00 - 12:30 A: How to Succeed in Omni-Channel Ecommerce Payment by Building a Trusted Brand
Conducted by:
Tom Wills, Director, Ontrack Advisory Group
12:30 - 13:30 Networking Luncheon
13:30 - 14:00 Workshop B Registration
14:00 - 17:30 B: Implementing an Efficient Supply Chain Strategy and Execution Model for Your Ecommerce Business
Conducted by:
Sundi Aiyer, Management Consultant - Supply Chain & Operations, Aiyer Group LLC
Main Conference Day One - 22 October 2013, Tuesday
08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee
09:00 Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Zaheer Nooruddin, Vice President & Regional Lead, Studio D Asia Pacific, Waggener Edstrom

Zaheer has worked with a wide range of marketing strategies to support ecommerce with international brands including Walmart, Moet Hennessy and Pirelli in different geographic markets across Asia. With more than a decade of integrated digital marketing-communications cross-platform consulting experience, he now leads WE Studio D, the agency's specialist digital services brand in Asia-Pacific.
  Market Expansion
09:10 Keynote Address: How Ecommerce Is Disrupting the Retail Industry in Asia
  • Asia's economic growth and population demographics will make up the top region for ecommerce in the coming years
  • Disruption of traditional offline retail: Merging of online and offline commerce, rise of "show-rooming" giving online retailers unique opportunities
  • Rising affluence in Asia: More discerning and selective consumers in terms of design, user experience etc.
  • Personalization: Consumers will increasingly assert their own tastes and preferences, leading to some to switch from the role of passive consumer to reviewers, curators, trend-leaders, and even self-made merchants
  • Commodity Commerce will face serious threat from Emotional Commerce
Loo Cheng Chuan, Head, Local L!fe, Group Digital L!fe, SingTel

Cheng Chuan is responsible for driving SingTel's hyperlocal digital initiatives. Under Local L!fe, he leads a few Internet companies, including inSing.com, HungryGoWhere.com and Eatability.com, among various others. Cheng Chuan is a well-known technologist in Asia and spoken widely in a series of events over the last three years, including appsworld 2010, French Singapore Innovation Day 2010, Technologies for Next Generation Media Search 2010 (NUS Enterprise), Oresund Mobile Meetup 2011, AMDOCS Asia Pacific Intouch Business Forum 2011 and INET 2012.
09:40 Panel: Trends and Challenges for Ecommerce in Asia
  • Challenges in gaining ecommerce traction among consumers and expanding market share in the different retail industries
  • The rise of 3rd party platforms and online retailers and how they are disrupting the retail industry
  • mCommerce and how it will shape the landscape in Asia
  • Digital marketing, user experience, analytics, search, mobile, supply chain: Are ecommerce professionals equipped with the right skill sets to build successful ecommerce strategies?

Zaheer Nooruddin, Vice President & Regional Lead, Studio D Asia Pacific, Waggener Edstrom
Shahin Padath, Director, eCommerce & Business Development (South East Asia), adidas
Arnaud Frade, Managing Partner, Hall & Partners, an Omnicom Group Inc. company
Patrick Linden, CEO, Dealguru Holdings Pte Ltd (deal.com.sg)
John Sinke, Assistant Vice President Digital Marketing & e-Commerce,
Resorts World Sentosa
10:30 Legal and Regulatory Issues in Ecommerce in Asia
  • Understanding the legal and regulatory framework
  • Update and developments on privacy and data protection rules
  • Dealing with the cloud for ecommerce
  • Managing contractual issues that may arise
Matt Pollins, Associate, Olswang Asia LLP

Matt is an international tech and e-commerce lawyer based in Singapore at law firm Olswang, ranked by independent guides including Chambers & Partners as being in the top tier for tech and e-commerce law in Asia. Olswang advises clients from startups to multinationals on funding, contractual arrangements and regulatory requirements. Matt has particular expertise in helping companies in Asia and beyond comply with data and consumer laws and in advising on web and mobile services and applications, electronic payments and cloud. He is a regular contributor to international e-commerce publications and websites.
11:00 Morning Refreshments
11:30 Essential Considerations for Ecommerce Market Expansion and Case Study on adidas
  • Overview and statistics on market trends for ecommerce expansion
  • Checklist for market entry strategies
  • adidas Southeast Asia case study
    • The basics and key success factors
    • Conversion optimization
    • Reliable and fast delivery in Asia
    • eCommerce digital marketing tactics
Marcelo Wesseler, Senior Vice President of eCommerce, Singapore Post

Marcelo has more than 15 years of international experience in global ecommerce and joined Singapore Post as Senior Vice President of eCommerce in 2012 and oversees the eCommerce business unit, a major initiative for the company's regional expansion. He currently manages vPost.com and a growing portfolio of B2C and B2B eCommerce platforms for Fortune 500 companies.
12:15 Managing Rapid Growth, Scale and Geographic Expansion of Ecommerce with the Cloud
  • Understand what the cloud is and how it can help ecommerce businesses
  • Case studies on achieving both rapid growth, and low variable costs
  • Helping services go regional, even global, in a simple, repeatable, cost-efficient manner
  • Learn how you can be responsive and meet actual customer demand by leveraging data to drive your business decisions
Markku Lepisto, Senior Technology Evangelist, APAC, Amazon Web Services

Markku is the APAC Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. He has been in the IT industry for 14 years, and has held various technical and management positions, covering R&D, technical support and architecture. For the past couple of years, Markku was responsible for the cloud computing architecture and technology transformation of Nokia Siemens Networks' global business units. Markku has worked out of Finland, China and Singapore.
13:00 Networking Luncheon
  User Experience
14:00 User Experience - The Key to Successful Omni-Channel Engagement and Commerce
  • Best practices in integrating mobile, social and ecommerce
  • Latest consumer insights on the new Middle class, the Millennials or Gen-Y and how their behavior requires such an integrated multi-channel approach
  • Showing how social media and social shopping has drastically disrupted in-store marketing via the consumer trends of showrooming and webrooming
  • Understanding how mobile and emerging technologies like QR code and Augmented reality
  • Featuring case studies on: Starbucks (Asia/China), Mars' Dove Chocolates (China), GSK Ribena (Malaysia), Martell VSOP (Singapore)
Kestrel Lee, Executive Creative Director, Zeno Group

Kestrel is Zeno Group's regional executive creative director for integrated digital marketing, social media, ecommerce. Winning over 100 creative, digital, integrated and effectiveness awards, he has more than 13 years of experience in Asia. He has worked with global brands like Mars, Unilever, L'Oreal, HP, Apple, Microsoft, adidas, Volvo, Standard Chartered Bank. His Martell VSOP campaign attained 26.3 million search listings while his Facebook game on adidas football's global Facebook page recruited 130,000+ fans in 6 weeks without paid media.
14:50 The Branded Experience - the Only Shopper Experience that Matters
  • The changing nature of brand engagement and the challenges this creates
  • The key to success along the new path to purchase
  • Shopper understanding, a changed world
Arnaud Frade, Managing Partner, Hall & Partners, an Omnicom Group Inc. company

Arnaud is the Managing Partner of Hall & Partners, the leading global research boutique specializing in brand engagement and communications research. He has over 17 years of experience in commercial, strategic and consultative roles in companies like Information Resources, TNS Worldpanel, American Express and most recently TNS APAC, where he was the Regional Director responsible for both the Retail & Shopper and Digital practices across Asia Pacific.
15:20 PANEL: User Experience
  • Roadblocks to good, customer-centric UX and how to overcome them
  • The emergence of responsive design and if it should be an established best practice
  • Should UX be the very first consideration in planning
  • What key areas of UX design are ecommerce brands unaware of
Ronald C. Vining, Group Marketing Director, International SOS and Adjunct Professor, University of Massachusetts


Sean Seah, Managing Director, Groupon Travel Asia Pacific
Marco Ryan, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive ASEAN, Accenture
Howie Chang, Director of Product Management, RedMart.com
16:00 Afternoon Networking Refreshments
16:30 Responsive Design: A Future Friendly Technology
  • Designing for a multi screen world
  • Responsive design defined
  • What are the consumer benefits of using responsive design?
  • What are the associated costs and how to get management buy-in?
Laurent Thevenet, Technical Director and Creative Technologist, BBDO/Proximity Singapore

Laurent is the Technical Director / Creative Technologist at BBDO/Proximity Singapore since December 2012. His clients include VISA, ExxonMobil, Singtel, Fonterra, Mercedes and Guinness. Prior to BBDO/Proximity, he has led new business, as well as front/backend development, user experience, user interaction, responsive web design, server infrastructure design, video production & motion graphics. Clients included Singapore Ministry Of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Pascal Morabito and Mediacorp Suria Channel.
17:00 RedMart.com: Getting Customer Segmentation and Communication Initiatives in Place Quickly and Easily
  • "Customer lifecycle communications" and why it is critical to ecommerce
  • RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) customer segmentation and communications
  • Event based communications or incorporating incentives and discounts
  • Practical steps to implement: Build vs buy, which vendors to consider
  • Measurement: Pre/Post and A/B testing and some examples
Todd Kurie, VP Marketing, RedMart.com

Todd Kurie is currently VP Marketing for RedMart.com, Singapore's leading online grocery service. Todd has over twenty years of marketing experience, the last ten years focusing on ecommerce, including positions at eBay/PayPal, Xoom (international money transfer), BetOnMarkets (financial trading).
17:30 Chairperson's Closing Remarks and End of Day One
Main Conference Day Two - 23 October 2013, Wednesday
08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee
09:00 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Zaheer Nooruddin, Vice President & Regional Lead, Studio D Asia Pacific, Waggener Edstrom
  Omni-Channel Content Strategy
09:10 Keynote: 5 Key Trends and 8 Practical Tips for Omnichannel Content Strategy
  • Digital asset management: Delivering rich media assets at the right size, resolution and moment of consumption
  • Marketing managed services: Dealing with the lack of capability, need to scale and increasing commoditization of content
  • User experience led: Looking at user journeys and designing a content strategy to fit any time, any place, any device
  • Responsive design: Design once, publish much, maintain little

  • The 'R' factor: Relevancy is key, creating, sourcing and managing content that is contextual, relevant and up to date
  • 8 practical tips including progressing from self-generated content to 3rd party content to user-generated content, looking end-to-end across all touch points and more
Marco Ryan, Managing Director of Accenture Interactive ASEAN, Accenture

Marco has over 15 years' experience in running profitable eCommerce businesses, leading digital marketing teams, creating and implementing digital strategies and selecting and using analytics, digital platforms, content management and marketing analytics software. His experience covers everything from luxury car manufacturers in Italy, to national Pharmaceutical companies in China. He is a regular speaker at conferences and events and lectures part time at a UK business school.
09:50 Dell's Social Mobile Commerce Experience: Gaining Insights into the New Shopping Experience of Mobile Connect, Social Share and E-marketplace Swarm
  • Mobile Connect for multi-touch customer experience
  • Social Share for usable and valuable content from your communities
  • E-marketplace swarm with multi-displays, online/offline traffic and conversion to sales
David Lee, Head of eTailers & Social Commerce, Dell Asia Pacific Japan

In his role at Dell, David drives the continual success of Dell.com sales and growing eTailing revenue 100% in the regions. He is also the Dell Global Social Media & Community and Marketing University ambassador, enabling Dell staff to engage branding & social media with customers confidently and participates proactively in the internal and external communities. With over 20 years of experience in the digital industry, David has covered all aspects of sales, marketing and business development; in the area of product, merchandising, pricing, marcom, PR, alliances, channel, e-loyalty and more.
10:20 Social Commerce - The Next Evolution of Online Retail
  • Using social commerce to grow new revenue streams, reach new audiences and markets, track the effectiveness of promotions and customer engagement strategy and more
  • How brands address customer acquisition and retention, engagement, loyalty and advocacy, growth and demand generation
  • Actionable insights on being relevant to today's digital consumer
  • Essential elements of a successful social commerce strategy and pitfalls to avoid
Roger Yuen, Founder & CEO, Clozette Pte Ltd

Roger is the founder and CEO of Clozette, a leading social networking and shopping portal with operations in Singapore, Japan and Indonesia. Clozette also recently partnered with Japanese ecommerce giant, Rakuten, to launch a discovery shopping channel. Roger has 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and operations in online, interactive media and mobile businesses. He is also serving as a Councilor of the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation.
10:50 Morning Networking Refreshments
11:20 Integrating the Offline & Online Experience - From Online Retail to Brick & Click
  • Why there must be only one customer experience
  • How to harvest both worlds without breaking the bank
  • Which technologies can support your strategy: Virtual fitting, augmented reality, QR codes, tablet-enabled point of sale and more
Cedric Delzenne, Founder, ShopDesCreateurs.com

Cedric Delzenne is the founder and CEO of ShopdesCreateurs.com - the first online sales & marketing agency for selected up-and-coming fashion designers. Launched from Hong Kong in 2010, the company has quickly established itself as a key player in the fashion industry across South-east Asia, currently supporting over 50 international brands.
11:50 How mudah.my Build on Leads to Become Malaysia's Largest Online Marketplace
  • The new 'G' in lead generation
  • Building a unified and scalable lead generation engine
  • Should you optimize your lead generation using social channels?
  • Maximizing lead generation marketing ROI
Bernard Lee, Head of Classified Sales, mudah.my

Bernard is the Head of Classified Sales at mudah.my, Malaysia's largest online marketplace and the number one local website since 2010 in terms of web traffic, empowered by more than 860,000 Facebook fans. He is responsible for driving growth and profitability by generating tactical sales plans and actively developing the sales team.
12:20 Tapping into Buying Behaviors of Top Spenders for a Customized Loyalty Program
  • What does loyalty mean for ecommerce in different Asian markets?
  • Comparing the spending of customers in loyalty programs with those who are not
  • How to identify your customers
  • How big is your base? Strategies to engage customers
  • Building the right program: Community reviews, point systems, rewards and more
Christine Ng, Chief Marketing Officer, Luxola

Christine leads the regional marketing team at Luxola.com, a leading online cosmetics and beauty store based in Singapore. Having spent 13 years in Silicon Valley, she has worked for industry giants, eBay and Sephora.com, in addition to several fashion startups. Most recently, she came from PopSugar, where she was the director of affiliates and social media for Shopstyle, PopSugar's shopping search engine arm.
12:50 Networking Luncheon
14:00 PANEL: Omni-Channel Content Strategy
  • Evaluating the state of omni-channel approaches in Asia
  • Should every campaign be omni-channel?
  • What are common roadblocks to good omnichannel content strategy and creative solutions to get over them
  • How integral is social media for content strategy in ecommerce?
Joe Nguyen, Senior Vice President, APAC, comScore, Inc.

Tito Costa, Regional Managing Director, ZALORA South-East Asia
Christine Ng, Chief Marketing Officer, Luxola
Lee Boden, Former Regional Director, Search & eCommerce, Mediacom, CEO, KUDOS Content
  Data and Analytics
14:40 Practical Tips for Getting More Sales Leads: Search Engine Marketing
  • Practical tips and insider tricks to capture more sales opportunities
  • Feasible tactics to improve search rankings
  • Benchmarking and measuring SEM performance
  • Asia case studies on effective SEM practices
Stanley Tay, Managing Director, PurpleClick Media

Stanley is the Managing Director of 5 years running Digital Agency of the Year, PurpleClick Media. They are also the first and only agency to be accredited as Preferred Partner for Yahoo search marketing, Google AdWords Authorized Reseller and Baidu Exclusive Distributor.
15:10 PANEL: RTB and Programmatic Buying - Insights Direct from an Advertiser, an Ad Exchange Company and an Ad Tech Company
  • How can real time bidding and programmatic buying drive incremental sales for retail and ecommerce companies
  • How RTB is making marketing more accountable, actionable and ROI centric
  • Integrating new technology into existing frameworks: Challenges and best practices
Yean Cheong, Head of Digital, Asia Pacific, Cadreon at IPG Mediabrands

Rahul Garg, Head of Ad-Exchange, South East Asia and India, Google
Andrea Domeneghini, Head of Online Marketing, ZALORA South-East Asia
Rohit Kumar, Managing Director - South East Asia, HK & Taiwan, Sociomantic Labs
15:40 Afternoon Networking Refreshments
16:10 Big Data: Buzz or Business?
  • What is big data and what are the implications for e-commerce?
  • Practical real-life applications of big data in e-commerce businesses
  • Building a data-driven organization: People, technology, and processes
  • Big-data in Asia: Trends, challenges, and opportunities
Sheji Ho, CMO, aCommerce Company Limited

Sheji is currently the CMO at aCommerce, which has operations in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore. He has experience in marketing, product management, and analytics at companies such as Moda Operandi, Gilt Groupe, and LivingSocial.
16:40 Understanding and Measuring the Ecommerce Environment
  • State of the APAC ecommerce and Asia Pacific online payments report
  • Ecommerce analytics: What should be tracked? What approaches should an ecommerce practitioner take towards measurement?
  • How does brand marketing fit in a direct response online world?
Joe Nguyen, Senior Vice President, APAC, comScore, Inc.

Joe is the SVP, APAC at comScore, Inc., which currently reports on measurement of Internet usage for 13 Asia-Pacific countries. An active thought leader and veteran of the online analytics industry, Joe's previous roles include director of global e-commerce with Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, where he grew online global sales by 50 percent.
17:10 Chairperson's Closing Remarks and End of Main Conference
Ecommerce Supply Chain Conference - 24 October 2013, Thursday
08:30 Registration and Morning Coffee
09:00 Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Craig Rawlings, Managing Director, Management Consulting, Operations, ASEAN, Accenture
09:10 (Keynote) Supply Chain Transformation & Trends for Ecommerce
Marcelo Wesseler, Senior Vice President of ecommerce, Singapore Post

Marcelo Wesseler joined Singapore Post as senior vice-president of e-commerce in September 2012 and oversees the e-commerce business unit, a major initiative for the company's regional expansion. He has more than 14 years of international experience in global e-commerce businesses. He previously worked with RS Components, Hewlett-Packard and KPMG.
09:50 Assessing Critical Challenges & Opportunities For Supply Chain Efficiencies In E-Commerce
  • Unique characteristics for e-commerce supply chain
  • Operational, technology, infrastructure, labour and costs considerations for fulfillment
  • Network optimization
  • Implementing logistics capability building & logistics outsourcing
Tommy Lui
Executive Vice President - Supply Chain Solutions, Head of Asia
LF Logistics

Tommy Lui is the Executive VP responsible for the Asia Region of the Supply Chain Solutions of LF Logistics, which is the Global Logistics Network of the Li & Fung Group. Tommy's business involves providing customized, innovative supply chain models and services for multi-national corporations from factories to retail doors.
10:30 Morning Networking Refreshment
11:00 Linking Supply Chain Strategy With Customer Systems & Branding In E-Commerce Markets
  • Business value creation through customer focused supply chain transformation
  • dentifying planned customer service goals & building an end-to-end supply chain to meet these goals
  • Supporting customer requirements for order-cycle time/customer experience
Vikram Rupani, Co-Founder, COO & CFO, RedMart.com

Vikram Rupani co-founded RedMart in March 2011, after completing his MBA at Insead. RedMart is Singapore's leading online grocery service and one of the fastest growing e-commerce ventures in SE Asia. At RedMart, Vikram is responsible for end-to-end operations and financial matters.
11:40 Creating an Ecommerce Distribution Model that Combines Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness
  • Reviewing fundamentals of ecommerce distribution in the online retailing landscape
  • Key areas to improve cost effectiveness and efficiency in distribution
  • Keeping full visibility over your distribution and fulfillment operations
  • Innovations in ecommerce distribution - store base distribution models, Crowd-sourced distribution models
  • Case Study of Singapore's innovative store based distribution model
Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO, Anchanto

Vaibhav founded Anchanto in mid 2011 in Singapore, where he focuses on helping retailers extend sales online, define and implement online strategies and on the product roadmap. Prior to Anchanto, Vaibhav worked with Welcome Real-time, a payment card marketing company based in France, Singapore and Brazil to deploy real-time rewards platform for leading banks globally.
12:20 Managing Online Retailing Delivery Infrastructure Challenges In Developing Asia
  • Delivery challenges in reaching geographically spread customers
  • Levels of controls available when working with supply chain partners
  • Infrastructure limitations: logistics & payments
  • Potential evolution of ecosystem
Pierre Poignant, COO, Lazada Group

Pierre is part of the regional executive team of Lazada Group. Launched in April 2012, Lazada has quickly become South East Asia first regional e-commerce destination. Pierre is focusing on building end-to-end operations across Lazada 5 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam) to deliver world class e-commerce experience to all South East Asia customers.
13:00 Networking Luncheon
14:00 Meeting the Challenge of Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  • Delivering anything, anytime, from anywhere, to anywhere
  • Our stores are our warehouses - big challenges!
  • Order Management Systems - a big competitive advantage IF you get it right
  • Logistics - surprise and delight, or just ruthlessly efficient?
  • Drop-Ship, In-store Pickup, Digital Delivery - many options and combinations!
Gary Wheelhouse, General Manager - Digital, Harvey Norman

Gary is instrumental at Harvey Norman in predicting the 'next big thing', understanding how the consumer uses technology and how this influences the way the product should be marketed. He is also responsible for the online, customer service, and social media activities of the business.
14:40 Operational Model Best Practice A
How Ecommerce Companies Are Utilizing The Supply Chain For Competitive Advantage
  • Ecommerce in Indonesia as a part of creative industry and changing the face of retail industry
  • Demography of the Indonesian consumer on the online landscape
  • Reviewing ecommerce challenges in Indonesia i.e. affordable internet broadband, Simple and easy payment method, 3rd Party logistic partners, technology & human resources, government regulations and user experience
  • Case Study: How Blibli.com uses supply chain management innovatively to be agile in creating customer benefits
    • Blibli Midnight Delivery Services
    • On the Move Delivery
    • Seasonal Program for Lebaran Day: Same Day Delivery Services
    • Unpack Video tutorial
Kusumo Martanto, CEO, Blibli.com (PT Global Digital Niaga) Kusumo Martanto is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blibli.com, the first premium B2C social e-commerce in Indonesia that offers end-to-end services. He is also a Chief Operating Officer (COO) of GDP Venture (a strategic investment holding which owns Blibli.com through its subsidiary - PT Global Digital Niaga).
15:20 Afternoon Networking Refreshments
15:50 (Operational Model Best Practice B)
Supply Chain Evolution and Its Role In Helping Retailers Meet Online Buyers' Demands
  • Consumer buying behaviours are rapidly shifting from bricks and mortar to online platforms
  • Easier access to information has opened up the door for international SME manufacturers to ship directly to consumers
  • However - typical transportation solutions available to most SME's do not meet the requirements of consumers
  • Opportunities exist to leveraging your supply chain to improve the online buyers' customer experience while gaining differentiation in the retail segment

Michael McLary, Director of Marketing, UPS Asia Pacific
Michael McLary is Director of Marketing for UPS Asia Pacific, a region which spans over 40 countries and territories. Since 2012, Michael has been spearheading the growth and transformation of the Asia Pacific marketing team through customer-focused segment analysis and execution of product growth strategies.
16:30 Identifying New Innovations & Technologies for Supply Chain Efficiencies In The Ecommerce Market
  • New innovations and technology for warehousing and order fulfillment (i.e. Pick & packing systems, Lockers, Pickup Points, Channel Management)
  • Creating innovative platforms and systems for markets with lack of infrastructure (i.e. Cash on delivery and other Payment and Delivery options)
  • Innovative strategies for testing or trialing a market (getting proof of concept) before fully launching your operations.
  • New Ecommerce technologies that are applicable for the local markets with lack of e-logistics infrastructure.
Paul Srivorakul, Regional CEO, aCommerce Company Limited

Paul Srivorakul is a serial internet entrepreneur and investor based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is currently the Regional CEO of aCommerce, a full service end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider in S.E. Asia. He is also the Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Ardent Capital, an early stage internet private capital fund focused on S.E. Asia.
17:10 Closing Panel: Future Outlook for Customer Focused Supply Chain Strategies in the E-Commerce Space for e-Retailers
  • Closer collaboration amongst stakeholders in the end-to-end supply chain
  • Incorporating strong risk mitigation practices in the ecommerce supply chain
  • Creating more efficient, cost effective and flexible supply chains
  • Scalability & meeting business and geographical growth of e-commerce retailers
  • Staying ahead through supply chain innovation
Craig Rawlings, Managing Director, Management Consulting, Operations,
ASEAN, Accenture

Gary Wheelhouse, General Manager - Digital, Harvey Norman
Anil Srinivas, Regional Director for Online Business & Consumer GTM - APJ, Dell
Vikram Rupani
, Co-Founder, COO & CFO, RedMart.com
18:00 Chairman's Closing Summary Remarks and End of Conference
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